Accelerate business growth through social media exposure


Reach new customers through positive influence and impactful partnerships


Tap into the power of social commerce to boost your online presence, reach and business revenue.

Payment Services

Seamless user experience that supports a wide range of payment options


Engage existing and entice new customers to drive sales

Warehousing, Fulfilment

Take the hassle out of deliveries and fulfilments.

Cross-Border Services

Your gateway into the global market, supported by partnered e-services such as licensing, permits and last mile deliveries


V-circle is a technology platform that offers social entertainment, social commerce and online payment services. We bring circles of communities together in a single virtual space that caters to all your entertainment and shopping needs. 


To become the go-to virtual venue for shopping and entertainment.


To create an end-to-end ecosystem to help businesses and content providers thrive in this new era of social commerce.

Value Preposition:

To provide consumers with a seamless shopping and discovery experiences.
Discover it, Click It, Get It.


Social Entertainment

V-circle Entertainment provides the very best in social media and entertainment content, giving users a more engaging and interactive experience by directly connecting them with their favorite content creators live on screen. For business partners, get ready to unlock an amazing new world of influencer marketing. Tap into their followers to cotton on to a new demographic of customers and find purchase in their influences to increase your sale. Through Brand Ambassadorship, lend your offerings a voice and personality to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with your customers.  Find out more at social.v-circle.com 


  • Social Commerce (affiliation)
  • Sponsorship (brand ambassadors)
  • Coming Soon: Subscriptions & Pay-per-Views 

Discover, Click, Buy

The journey kicks off when customers realize they absolutely, positively got to have what you are offering. Instead of purely relying on direct marketing or word of mouth, put a spin on your brand by getting an influencer on board. The advent of social media has given rise to a new wave of trendsetters who influence a buyer’s decision. Now, a simple ‘Like’ generates engagement, which in turn leads to conversion and clinches your sale. Find out more at mall.v-circle.com

Payment Services

At V-circle, give your customers the freedom to pay however they like. Our plug and play system easily integrates into your existing ecosystem, providing you with a seamless platform for point redemption.

Gamification & Rewards

Layer engaging activities into your customer experience to provide them with a sense of accomplishment, incentivizing them with different tiers and types of rewards.

Loyalty Points

Ensure that your customers' purchases are not the end of their shopping journey. With loyalty points, you'll be empowering them to spur more transactions.


Connect with FPX so your customers may complete their online transactions securely and reliably via bank transfer, credit card or eWallet.

Credit Card

Accept online payments with major credit cards from customers around the world to create a frictionless checkout experience.


Evolve from a siloed loyalty program into a connected one with V-circle. As your brand becomes part of the larger ecosystem, you’ll gain access to members from other touchpoints, increasing your reach and frequency of purchase. While customers accumulate more loyalty points throughout the ecosystem, they’ll be able to use it to purchase any product or service they wish, including yours.

Warehousing, Fulfilment & Logistics

Coming Soon

Digitalize and centralizes your distribution, fulfilment and last mile delivery services to improve efficiency, empower scalability and increase margins while enhancing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Cross-Border Services
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

V-circle brings all trade ecosystem players together on a single platform, making cross-border trade easier and frictionless. Empower your business with trade automation and take advantage of the global digital economy to amplify your business presence, reach audiences across the globe and capitalize on new exciting opportunities.

Break into new markets

Move your business operations from your local vicinity to regional and global markets. Build new impactful connections across borders and showcase your offerings to more eyes.

All the support you need

Participate with a wide selection of partnered e-services before, during and after you make your international debut. From licensing and permits to mid and last mile delivery services, grow your business in an efficient and uninterrupted manner.

Everything digital

Transition to a paperless system to reduce manual workload. With quicker submission and approval, accelerate transit times between hubs to ensure that your customers get their goods right quick without delay or issue.